SR SUN RISE Sanitary is a company which produces high quality shower heads and other parts,with professional and specialized technology from China. Since its founding in 2007, made its mission to create healthy bathroom lifestyle,innovate with persistence,provide the best of security,environmental protection, resource-saving product and high-quality services. 
In recent years, our products are exported to Europe, North America and Southeast Asia,and got lots of wonderful reviews. Our company embraces new technical and design concepts, providing imaginative and aesthetic products with a strong commercial value, while bringing quality goods to everyday life. We are looking forward to cooperation and developing strong business relationships with mainland China and international customers.

Our latest global  website is "www.srsunriseshower.com ",Welcome to visit!!!
The latest design, the latest products, the most satisfying experience.
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Legal Information

Please do not send any return items to the addresses below, returns sent to these addresses cannot be processed. 
If you need to return a product, please contact customer service by submitting a ticket.

China Address:
4 floor,linfeng building,dalang industry area,longhua,shenzhen city, China